Sample financial essay

Introduction The finance theory asserts that the value of the equity shares of a company depends upon the future free cash flows that are attributable to the shareholders of the company. Every analyst and investor attempts to forecast the future cash flows and discount them at appropriate discounting rates in order to arrive at the fair value of equity shares which are then compared to the current [...]

Assignment: Fair-trade

Introduction Fair-trade provides the ability to bring about changes in the world every day (Goodman, 2004). By opting for a simple choice, it is possible to provide to the farmers a deal that is better and hence they are in a position to make own decisions, have a control on their future and also lead a life that is dignified. Fair-trade pertains to prices that are better, work conditions that are [...]

Manufacture of Poles and Posts from Used Plastics and Polythene

My business idea is to manufacture poles and posts from recycled plastics and polythene paper. This is possible by the use of technology. The business will require a building and machinery to be used in the manufacture of the posts. The raw materials are used and ready to be disposed plastics and polythene papers. These can be sourced from homesteads, businesses and waste disposal companies. These [...]

Global Business Environment Analysis

Theoretical Approaches in Evaluating a Company's Global Environment Different theories have been used to explain the external and consequently the global environment of a company. Two of these include PESTEL and Porter's five models. PESTEL is an acronym that discusses the political, environmental, social, technological, ecological, and legal environments of a business (Bowhill, 2008). Within the [...]

Environmental factors affecting the global operation of an organisation

Task 1: The Environmental Factors that may Influence the Global Operations of an Organization. (30 marks) In his book, the business environment, Porter (2008), describes the environment as the external factors that organizations have no control over. He further reports that these factors could include social, political, and technological and government regulations and policies. In business, the en [...]